Save the date! Youth Advisory Council Meeting 11/13 5-7PM @ Mozaic

Save the date! Youth Advisory Council Meeting 11/13 5-7PM @ Mozaic
Save the date! Mozaic’s next Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meeting on 11/13/2018 from 5-7PM at the Mozaic space, 2228 Summit St., Columbus, OH, 43201. We will provide dinner for attendees.

You may ask, what is Mozaic’s YAC? What does it do? Here’s some important information about our YAC.

Purpose and Structure

  • Empower youth to build community by engaging with peers in the Mozaic program. Act as liaisons from their communities to Mozaic program staff. Encourage youth to develop their leadership skills through taking responsibility in the wellbeing of their community.
  • 8-15 YAC members.


  • Requires dedication by serving as an active member of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC).
  • Must be committed to ending HIV and bringing awareness of prevention and treatment to their peers.
  • Must attend at least 4 meetings in a 6 month period before they can apply to be a YAC member.
  • Must attend at least 50% of all YAC meetings for the year to maintain membership.
  • Must volunteer 2 hours for a Mozaic community event every 6 months to maintain YAC membership.


  • Help recruit peers to events and programming.
  • Identify youth that would be positive additions to the YAC.
  • Organize, plan and run the YAC meetings with guidance and assistance from staff.
  • Elect officers and leadership positions – or develop a structure of leadership that works best for YAC members.
  • Develop YAC rules and guidelines for meetings. Work with them to maintain these guidelines and adjust as the community needs.
  • Encourage members to get involved in subcommittees focused on areas they are interested in – technology, outreach, activity planning, YAC meeting facilitation, etc – as identified by them.
  • Attend all YAC meetings when possible. If unable to attend, must try to notify Staff 24 hours ahead of time or as soon as possible. After 2 unexcused absences, must talk with Mozaic staff.

Films to Watch

  • Black Is Black Ain’t (88mins)  (4:56 min. trailer)
  • How to Survive a Plague (1hr50mins) (trailer)
  • America’s Shadows…HIV Risk in Black and Latino Youth
  • HIV Testing. It’s as easy as ordering bubble tea