PrEP Education & Referral

PrEP Information & Referrals

Mozaic participant at Mozaic

What if we told you there was a once-a-day pill that prevented HIV?

Mozaic’s mission is to eliminate new HIV infections among transgender and gender non-conforming people of color ages 13-29 in our community. That’s why we talk to Mozaic participants about PrEP & PEP.

PrEP (which is a much easier way of saying “pre-exposure prophylaxis”) is a once-daily pill that prevents HIV.

At Mozaic, you can: talk to mentors who take PrEP, learn about PrEP treatment, and get connected to a PrEP provider.

To learn more about PrEP, visit or contact Mikayla Robinson (TRANS Health Navigator for the PAPI program) at or 614-230-6091.

PEP (which is a much easier way of saying “post-exposure prophylaxis”) is an emergency-based treatment for the prevention of HIV after exposure has occurred. If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV within the past 72 hours, you should start PEP today. Call us right away and we’ll help you get scheduled immediately.