Linkage to Care

Linkage to Care

Our test counselors are all trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and/or people of color. We are trained to provide confidential and insightful testing sessions, where you will walk away understanding more than you came with.

We are also trained to link you to essential support services, like medical care, housing, and food assistance.

We believe that achieving good health and wellness is not just about what happens in a clinical setting, but about what happens in your whole life.

Getting tested for the first time is a giant leap into the unknown. That’s why we built Mozaic: so there will be a community to catch you when you land.

  • If your diagnosis is HIV-negative, we can connect you to healthcare and resources that will help you keep it negative.
  • If your diagnosis is HIV-positive, we can connect you with healthcare and support services that will help you achieve “viral load suppression,” which means you cannot pass the virus to others, and you can live a long healthy life.