HIV/STI Testing

Get Tested. Know Your Status.


Our test counselors are all trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary and/or people of color. We are trained to provide confidential and insightful testing sessions, where you will walk away understanding more than you came with. We are also trained to link you to essential support services, like medical care, housing, and food assistance. We believe that achieving good health and wellness is not just about what happens in a clinical setting, but about what happens in your whole life.

We offer FREE HIV/STI testing throughout Columbus.

Mozaic | 2228 Summit St.
Mondays | 11AM-7PM
Tuesdays | 11AM-7PM
Wednesdays | 11AM-7PM
Thursdays | 2-7PM
Fridays | 2-5PM

Star House | 1220 Corrugated Way
Mondays | 4PM-8PM

Kaleidoscope Youth Center | 603 E. Town St.
4th Fridays | 4PM-8PM

OCTOPUS | 82 E. 16th Ave.
4th Mondays | 4PM-8PM
OCTOPUS is a transgender support group that meets each Monday, 5PM, at the Summit on 16th United Methodist Church at 82 E. 16th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43201. We attend the OCTOPUS support group on the fourth Monday of each month when the breakout group for people of color occurs.

Invite us to provide testing at your next community engagement event!

Note: Dates exclude holidays and when the locations are closed for the holidays.

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If you are still on the fence about testing, check out what other community members have written about taking charge of their health.